Commit 2a87155a authored by Peter Harrison's avatar Peter Harrison

[#39] Card variables being stored: Issue vanished while breaking

variable out in JQuery. This may have been a JQuery bug. May require
additional testing. Appears to be resolved.
parent d755c247
......@@ -96,8 +96,9 @@ var form = {
submitForm: function() {
var post = {template: template.currenttemplate, color: "white", fields: {}},
tpl = template.templates[template.currenttemplate];
jQuery.each($('#page-body-form').find('input.card-field-input'), function() {
var $flds = $('#page-body-form').find('input.card-field-input');
jQuery.each($flds, function() {
var name = $(this).prop('name'),
val = $(this).val();
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