Commit bed7973f authored by Eliot Blennerhassett's avatar Eliot Blennerhassett

Uncomment commands for downloading and processing NZ bbox addr:

Chathams remains commented after finding there are no addr:housenumber
parent afeb3907
# Get all NZ objects that have an addr:housenumber tag
#wget -O nz_addr.osm "*[addr:housenumber=*][bbox=157.5,-59.0,179.9,-25.5]"
#wget -O chathams_addr.osm "*[addr:housenumber=*][bbox=-177,-44.5,-175.5,-43.5]"
wget -O nz_addr.osm "*[addr:housenumber=*][bbox=157.5,-59.0,179.9,-25.5]"
rm nz_address-osm_raw.sqlite
spatialite_osm_raw -d nz_address-osm_raw.sqlite -o nz_addr.osm
#wget -O chathams_addr.osm "*[addr:housenumber=*][bbox=-177,-44.5,-175.5,-43.5]"
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