Commit d6e78428 authored by Eliot Blennerhassett's avatar Eliot Blennerhassett

remove duplicated sql

parent 32689f30
......@@ -151,29 +151,6 @@ SELECT * from temp.linz_inexact;
-- The LINZ addresses identified as not already in OSM
drop table if exists linz_not_osm;
create table linz_not_osm as
linz_addr.full_address_number as housenumber,
linz_addr.full_road_name as street,
X(linz_addr.geom) as x,
Y(linz_addr.geom) as y,
linz_addr.unit_value as unit,
linz_addr.address_number as number,
linz_addr.address_number_suffix as suffix,
linz_addr.address_number_high as high,
linz_addr.suburb_locality as suburb,
linz_addr.town_city as city
from linz_addr
left outer join osm_linz
on (osm_linz.linz_id = linz_addr.linz_id)
osm_linz.linz_id is NULL
and linz_addr.addr_type != "Water"
order by linz_addr.town_city, linz_addr.suburb_locality
-- and h is not NULL
create table linz_not_osm as
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