Commit e8c30a71 authored by Eliot Blennerhassett's avatar Eliot Blennerhassett

Overpass XML query for associatedStreet relations

parent 39c5a72c
<osm-script output="xml" output-config="" timeout="25">
<union into="_">
<query into="_" type="relation">
<has-kv k="type" modv="" v="associatedStreet"/>
<bbox-query e="172.79537200927734" into="_" n="-43.49427719349612" s="-43.645764921268125" w="172.58525848388672"/>
<print e="" from="_" geometry="skeleton" limit="" mode="body" n="" order="id" s="" w=""/>
<recurse from="_" into="_" type="down"/>
<print e="" from="_" geometry="skeleton" limit="" mode="skeleton" n="" order="quadtile" s="" w=""/>
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