Commit 1da9e0d6 authored by Adrian Cochrane's avatar Adrian Cochrane

Describe how flexible targets would work syntactically.

parent a658d40e
New attributes should be added to links, forms, and form inputs:
* `prepend` adds new content before the children
* `append` adds new content after children
* `replace` removes old children whilst adding new ones.
Specifying a CSS selector of the element(s) in which the response should be inserted. These selectors should be resolved as soon as their chunk of HTML is parsed without any latter updates.
If multiple elements are selected a seperate request should be sent for each one of them, specifying (using CSS syntax) the tagname, ID(s), and class(es) of the element into which the response will be inserted.
All form input elements would be further extended to support the same `form`* attributies as buttons currently do, with the addition of:
* `forminputs` specifying the name of all inputs which should be submitted alongside this one.
* `formtrigger` specifying whether the request should be sent on `activate` or `change`, the detailed meaning of which is left up to the user agent.
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