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Draft types needed for parsing.

parent ae6a0bef
type Byte = 0..255
type Char = (Byte,Byte,Byte,Byte) # 32 bits
type List a = Cons a | Nil
type URL = URL List Char
type Maybe a = Just a | Nothing
type Tuple a b = Tuple a b
type Int = One | Inc Int # At least 64 bits accuracy
type Signed = Positive Int | Zero | Negative Int # At least 64 bits Two's Complement accuracy
type Real = Frac Signed Int # At least 64 bits floating point accuracy
type ByteArray = Slice List Byte Maybe Int Int
type Expression = Call List Char List List Char | Let List Declaration Expression | Match Expression List Tuple List List Char Expression
type Type = Type List Char List Type
type Declaration = Function List Char Maybe Type List List Char Expression |
Type List Char List List Char List Tuple List Char Type |
Import URL Maybe List Char List List Char Maybe URL |
Parser URL List Char
type Program = Program List List Char List Declaration # arguments: exports declarations
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