Commit 2fff6e3b authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield

Add script to merge a new .pot template into an existing po translation

This script updates msgids in a po file with msgids found in a
template where the msgctxt is the same in both.  Because Mahara should
change the string key (msgctxt) whenever a string changes its meaning,
this script can be used to avoid the problem where small typo fixes in
English strings result in previously translated strings appearing
untranslated in launchpad.  It should be run over existing po files
whenever a new template is created, and the resulting po output file
pushed back up to launchpad along with the new template.
parent d462b768
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Updates a Mahara .po translation with changes from a new .pot
# template.
# Changes to the msgid in the .pot are considered unimportant unless
# the mahara string key (stored as msgctxt and reference in the .pot
# file) has also changed.
# For example:
# /path/to/po/file/fr.po /path/to/pot/file/mahara.pot /path/to/output/files/fr.po
use Locale::PO;
my ($po, $pot, $outputfile) = @ARGV;
open my $fh, '>', $outputfile or die "Cannot write to $outputfile";
close $fh;
# Locale::PO's load_file_ashash claims to use msgid as the key, but
# that's no good here, our unique key is msgctxt/reference, so just
# load the .pot entries as an array and build a hash afterwards.
my $enstrings = Locale::PO->load_file_asarray($pot);
my %enstrings = ();
foreach my $entry (@$enstrings) {
my $reference = $entry->reference();
next if ( ! defined $reference );
$reference = $entry->dequote($reference);
if ( length $reference ) {
$enstrings{$reference} = $entry;
# Go through the translated strings. If an entry specifies a
# reference that already appears in the pot file, and the msgid has
# changed, update the msgid to the one from the pot. We're assuming
# that important updates to English strings will have changed the
# reference.
my $trstrings = Locale::PO->load_file_asarray($po);
my %trstrings = ();
foreach my $entry (@$trstrings) {
my $reference = $entry->reference();
next if ( ! defined $reference );
$reference = $entry->dequote($reference);
if ( length $reference && defined $enstrings{$reference} ) {
$pot_msgid = $entry->dequote($enstrings{$reference}->msgid);
$po_msgid = $entry->dequote($entry->msgid);
if ( $po_msgid && $pot_msgid && $po_msgid ne $pot_msgid ) {
Locale::PO->save_file_fromarray("$outputfile", $trstrings);
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