Commit 44b0d0bc authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Updating the organisational affiliations for the 15.04 release

parent 5790cfca amelia.cordwell@opensourceacademy.fake logan.walker@opensourceacademy.fake liamstewart@opensourceacademy.fake doristam@opensourceacademy.fake
evonne@catalyst christian.tuveve-iono@opensourceacademy.fake leo.xiong@opensourceacademy.fake patrickokeefe@opensourceacademy.fake piper.biswell@opensourceacademy.fake sylvilow@opensourceacademy.fake
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
# Here is a set of mappings of domain names onto employer names.
# University of the Arts London Athabasca University Aalborg University Catalyst IT Catalyst IT
......@@ -9,8 +10,9 @@ Catalyst IT Deltak Discendum Gimnazija Bezigrad Braunschweig University of Art iCampus21 Karlsruher Institut fr Technologie Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Lancaster University Liip Lancaster University Network Services
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