Commit a3c12218 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield

Update master locations of translations

Allow uppercase country codes in tarball names
parent 748fcf05
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ my @table = ();
foreach my $tarball (sort @tarballs) {
chomp $tarball;
if ($tarball =~ m{$docroot/([a-z_]+)-([0-9A-Za-z\._]+)\.tar\.gz}) {
if ($tarball =~ m{$docroot/([a-zA-Z_]+)-([0-9A-Za-z\._]+)\.tar\.gz}) {
my $lang = $1;
my $branch = $2;
my @fileinfo = stat $tarball;
ar git://
ca git://
cs git://
cs lp:mahara-lang
da git://
de git://
el lp:mahara-lang
en_GB lp:mahara-lang
en_us git://
es git://
eu git://
fi git://
fr git://
he git://
it git://
ja git://
fr lp:mahara-lang
he lp:mahara-lang
it lp:mahara-lang
ja lp:mahara-lang
ko git://
mi git://
nl git://
no_nb git://
mi lp:mahara-lang
nb lp:mahara-lang
nl lp:mahara-lang
sl git://
zh_tw git://
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