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Top 10 Simulation Skateboard Game for Android users

Simulation games that require players to take action on skateboarding are always worth playing over again. Here are the top 10 stunning games of the skateboarding simulation genre on Android.

There are quite a few mobile games on Android today that have exciting and simple gameplay mechanics. In particular, the simulation games of skiing and skateboarding are worth a try if you're bored of racing, RPG, strategy and action games. This article will introduce you the top 10 games you must try in this category.

  1. Skater Boy


If you like mobile games that simulate skating, you will have to try Skater Boy. In the game, the player will own a skateboard, and the goal is to perform as many aerial techniques as possible and land safely.

The in-game guides are easy to grasp. You press the push button (left arrow) to increase the speed and the jump button (right arrow) to change position while in the air. You make use of the slopes and have a fun time while playing the game.

At every level, there are several checkpoints for the player, starting each time you fall down so that you do not have to replay from the beginning when you encounter an error. Remember to jump up when obstacles appear and win all the possible prizes and land safely. If you are looking for a link to download Android apps, have a look at Best apk file download site

  1. FE3D Skateboard

In the sliding terrain of the park, the runner must manipulate the character to perform jumps varying complexity.

Anyway, this is a free game - ideal if you don't want to buy any games in the Google Store. The game has a few ads but still deserves to be played at leisure.

  1. Stickman Skate Battle


In Stickman Skate Battle, players can perform the most spectacular acrobatics and combine them with beautiful moves to defeat the opponent.

The game can be played in offline mode, meaning that you can play the game with no wifi or 3G in styles such as 1vs1 scoring (players need to perform the best competitions and get the most points in a minute), Overcome all obstacles (by doing dodging phases and flying through obstacles) and training basic jumping skills.

  1. Touchgrind Skate 2

Touchgrind Skate 2 is a skill game where you need at least 10 minutes to master the game character. The game possesses the physics interaction system designed in 3D.

With four game modes easily controlled by the touchscreen support from Touchgrind BMX and Touchgrind will bring you an exciting entertainment. The game is now available for free download on Android.

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  1. True Skate


True Skate is a sport-style game for you to experience with extreme skateboarding. You slide your finger across the screen to control the skateboard. It is important to master techniques and surfing tips.

This game is a perfect choice for players of all ages by its simple and easy-to-use design.

The appeal of the game also comes from the design with a variety of different scenery and terrain. The game consists of different levels ranging from easy to steep, suitable for both professional gamers and amateurs.

We hope that these skateboarding simulation games will satisfy your passions. Please share with us about your experience with this top 10 game!

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