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Updating information about TWICE member - TWICE biography and career

The twice member provided in the following article will be interesting and necessary if you are a fan of Twice, the information provided in the article below will be interesting information for you. Twice is one of the groups that receive a lot of love and support from the audience. Follow the article below for more interesting information.

Information about TWICE - This TWICE group is a famous group in Korea, this group consists of 9 members: Nayeon, Jungyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, members Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Mina, Sana, and city. Momo. Let's also learn some information about this TWICE group.

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Twice's personal information:

On July 8, the representative of the company said: “After the survival competition program with SIXTEEN, this Twice group was born. They will prepare very seriously to officially launch to meet the expectations of the audience ”. Miss A's juniors are expected to step up to the professional Kpop scene in the second half of this year. Although the specific date has not been decided yet, JYP has promised Twice will "welcome the public with a good song".

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Twice has attracted special attention from Kpop-loving audiences, expected to follow the success of both cult girl groups trained by JYP Entertainment - Wonder Girls and miss A. Compared to the seniors, Twice belongs to a more populous music group, similar to SM Entertainment's SNSD or Nine Muses of Star Empire ... JYP Ent is especially paid attention to the strategy to help the new baby overcome the pressure, to Become a worthy legacy girl group.

Hopefully, with the information provided on the article, you will better understand Minhg's musical myth. Thank you for taking the time to care about the article. Update regularly to get more details about TWICE member. Always accompany and support Twice in their upcoming events.

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