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## Intro
Absolutely love the idea of creating on-demand services. I have several concerns
about workflow and.
## Cloud
- [AWS Lambda][]: selling point - created the market, ease of use, proximity/integration with other AWS services
- [Cloudflare Workers][]: selling point - your functions execute close to the customer.. Cloudflare has 165 (and growing?) data centres that are centred on Internet backbones
- Google Cloud Functions
- Azure Functions
- Oracle Cloud Functions
- OpenIO's SDS "[Grid for Apps][]" - no idea what this is, but looks interesting
[AWS Lambda]:
[Cloudflare Workers]:
[Grid for Apps]:
## Self-hosted
- [Apache OpenWhisk][] - deploys to kubernetes, mesos, docker compose. Actions can just be docker containers. Supports an interesting new programming language called [ballerina](
- [Fn Project][] - looks fun, somewhat tied to a Java-centric workflow system called
- [OpenFaaS][] - silly generic name, seems like a dog to install (even `ofc-bootstrap` looks quite brittle), tied to Github/Gitlab
[Apache OpenWhisk]:
[Fn Project]:
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